A villager threw away a litter of pedigreed British kittens in a box

Domestic animals living in villages are a separate topic for conversation. For some reason, some owners flatly refuse to sterilize and castrate their pets, but at the same time, for some reason, they let them out on their own. As a result, cats and dogs bring offspring, which, of course, becomes unnecessary to anyone. The fate of such babies, as a rule, is not the most enviable.

So it happened with the crumbs of one thoroughbred British cat who lived in the village. She gave birth to several kittens, and the locals did not think of anything better than to put them out by the road in a box. Then they thought about throwing the crumbs into the river, but, fortunately, Elena, a zoo volunteer from Samara, turned out to be nearby in time, and gave the kittens a temporary home.

Today we will tell the story of one of the little ones, a very pretty striped girl named Skoda. The charming kitten lived up to her name with might and main: she could tear the curtain and go to the toilet without a second thought.

However, the right education could correct these small mistakes in time. It only remained to find suitable owners who could surround Skoda with care and love.

The striped charismatic muzzle of Skoda was spotted by Svetlana, who was not stopped by the not very accommodating behavior of the baby. She took her to her house and at first, calmly reacted to all the pranks of her pet.

Thanks to Svetlana’s patience and understanding, Skoda has grown into a beautiful well-bred cat! And now her name is Bun – it seems to us that all the names of this kitten are very suitable.

Pretty Bun is a beloved pet, and it is difficult to suspect that her life was once in danger. It’s good that the indifferent Elena was nearby, who helped the kitten find her happiness!

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