A volunteer girl chased a puppy through the forest for six months, not wanting to leave him in the forest

Tatyana is an animal protector by vocation. She just can’t get past someone who’s in trouble. Once Tanya had to work very hard to find a home for a dog family.

A homeless mongrel gave birth to puppies near the forest and died after a while. And her kids had to look for food on their own. Tatyana caught all the puppies, in turn, luring them with treats. But one red-haired baby made the girl run a lot.

While the rest of the puppies were already in the shelter, Taya (the dog will receive this name later) tried to escape from the person. The puppy was very frightened, when he heard that Tatiana was approaching, he immediately hid in some crack. The volunteer tried all the tricks, but it did not work.

The dog ignored all the treats and attempts to call her in an affectionate voice. But Tatyana could not just leave the puppy in the forest. Everything was decided thanks to nature.

The flood began, and Taya no longer had places where she could hide from the savior. After the puppy got to the veterinary clinic, he immediately hid under the table. Tatyana understood that the dog just needed to get used to people. Tanya immediately started looking for a loving owner.

The owner was found quickly enough. It was an elderly woman who lived in a private house. 2 cats and a puppy already lived with her, but there was enough space for Taya. The puppy was lucky with the mistress, and she quickly found new friends.

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