A wet towel on the stove – why do I put it there? Sharing my personal experience

The kitchen is a territory in which a responsible and good housewife has to spend a lot of time anyway. It gets dirty very fast there. Of course, the main source of dirt is the stove. Fatty foods, coloring foods, something leaked, something escaped or burned – traces of all manipulations always remain on the stove. Of course, the problem needs to be solved somehow, and I can tell you exactly how.

How does this happen?

Somehow a friend dropped by, the visit was unexpected, so she found me in the kitchen – I just had time to dirty my stove from the heart, but had not time to wash it. Before that, I just spilled jam, and there were such dried, hard-to-remove spots. A friend recommended to me the following ways to remove dirt.

But first, I’ll insert advice from myself – neither soda, vinegar, nor citric acid should ever be transferred from your kitchen. These simple components are very helpful in cleaning the stove.

And my friend, being in solidarity with me, also advised me to pour a good layer of soda on the stove and leave it for two hours. Then I simply walked with a wet cloth and washed everything without difficulty.

If you use vinegar, then you should not just pour it on the stains themselves, but on a napkin with which these stains are covered. So the liquid will not spread but will remain where its effect is required.

Can you just prevent dirt?

But the main advice that I received from my housekeeping friend was that since I cook so actively and a lot, it’s better for me to just protect the stove from getting dirty and drying out in advance. To do this, she suggested that I use a wet towel to cover the stove with it.

The “trick” of the method is that open fire is not terrible for wet fabrics. In addition, thanks to the moisture in it, all the dirt will remain on the surface of the towel and will not dry out – it will be easy to remove them right there, after cooking.

You can also improve this method and pour a layer of baking soda on top of a wet towel, which will actively protect the surface of the stove from fragments and drops of food that love to fall out of the pan while stirring. Soda will simply dissolve them and prevent them from settling on the stove and “welding” in it. It will be enough just to remove the towel – and a clean stove will not even need to be wiped!

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