A wild lynx and an ordinary cat grew up together and became inseparable!

Everything turned out much more interesting.

A lynx infant and a regular kitten were placed in the same cage ten years ago by Leningrad Zoo staff as a test to see how well they got along.

Dusya the kitten and Linda the lynx instantly became friends. They really became intertwined and did everything together, including eating, playing, sleeping, and maturing.

They have a separate residence where they may eat and relax. Dusya receives a hearty meal from Linda. Amazing relationship! T

hey claim that Dusya has a harsher and stronger character, yet there isn’t a leader in this relationship. They look alike, don’t they?

The kitten was first put with Linda to demonstrate to guests the differences between a cat and a lynx, but things ended up being much more fascinating.

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