A woman broke into a shelter to save her pitbull from being euthanized… Here’s what happened next (video)

In any event, we can only see the positive in our devoted pets, no matter what occurs in our lives. Dog owners frequently work on training their canines.

But not everyone views canines the same way we do as animal lovers, particularly when it comes to the well-known pitbull breed. The majority of people begin to think negatively about them more quickly than they would about any other canine when it comes to them.

The problem was that Toya Stewart’s dog, Hazel, began behaving aggressively with strangers yet was incredibly loving and affectionate with those she knew.

People then began urging her to put the dog down rather than give her an opportunity to train her. Stuart came to the conclusion that taking action on her own was the only viable option rather than waiting for assistance.

When it got to Stewart’s residence, the dog was just three months old. From the moment she was born, Hazel had to face several difficulties, including interacting with others and living on the streets.

Hazel was a kind and devoted dog to her family, but regrettably, she once bit a tiny dog and the mailman.

His life began to experience new problems that day, which naturally broke Suart’s heart. She did not, of course, dispute all that had occurred, pointing out that her dog had just been acting in self-defense and that some further training would undoubtedly be beneficial.

“Everyone was aware of Stewart’s deep affection for his dog. How can you k*ll someone you love?” Stewart said.

Stewart decided to take a different approach in an effort to rescue her dog rather than following the advice of others and “killing” her. She had to figure out a method to get her puppy back to her because it had already been stolen from her.

She was finally successful in breaking into the animal sanctuary after initially deploying a drone to monitor it. She worked hard to get Hazel out by smashing the glass and unlocking the door. Hazel was there to greet her as well.

Stewart stated, “I simply wanted to save my dog; I didn’t want to injure anyone.” However, a few days later, the police located them, returned them all to the shelter, and then took Stewart to jail.

“The least I could do was let her know that I was prepared to do anything for her because I couldn’t let her pass away.”

Sadly, despite Stewart’s best efforts, the dog had to be put to death. The judge had ruled that. She demonstrated to her cherished puppy that she would do everything to save her life, despite the devastating outcomes.

Of course, she receives a lot of criticism from others who may not understand her passion for her pet, but there’s no doubt that many pet owners would do anything to preserve their beloved dogs.

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