A woman saved a kitty’s life by taking it out of busy traffic and giving it a “purrfect” home

The kitty awaited assistance on the curb till it came.

Animal rescuer Layla D’Souza was returning home about a month ago when she spotted a cat.

Layla made the choice to approach him, but he was quite frightened. On the side of the road was the little kitten.

She scooped up the cat and walked back to her car since she was unable to leave it there.

He was relieved to finally leave the hectic traffic, despite the fact that he was still terrified.

When the kitten returned home, he was given a peaceful location, but he still cowered in a corner.

When the kitten, known as Scarlet, began to finally open up, the foster family was overjoyed.

He immediately realized he had nothing to be scared of and ceased hiding.

Scarlett immediately made friends with their dog Bella, even falling asleep on her lap.

Scarlett’s boundless energy let him wander the house all day, playing with feathers and cuddling at night.

He uses up all of his energy throughout the day, so he needs lots of love at night.

Since another foster cat will soon join Scarlett, he will always have someone to cuddle with.

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