A woman’s reaction to a baby crying on a plane goes viral

American Kesha Bernard flew from Seattle to Denver. One of the passengers on the plane was a woman with three small children, who caused a lot of trouble both for herself and for everyone around her. A three-year-old girl, who did not want to calm down, behaved especially restlessly.

In addition, the flight was delayed for a certain amount of time, and the passengers on board the aircraft were already annoyed. The situation began to escalate into a conflict after one man expressed his dissatisfaction in an offensive way. But Kesha stood up for the girl, offering her help and urging those around her to be more patient and compassionate people.

Bernard posted her story on Facebook, which quickly gained traction and publicity.

The woman herself is also a mother of two children and is engaged in photography.

“As a mother of two kids, I understand how difficult it can be to travel with them.

I had a flight from Seattle to Denver. The plane was full of passengers. Plus, the baby was crying. I, having my children, calmly relate to crying, but the people around me began to show their indignation. The other child also began to cry.

The passengers became more and more annoyed. Someone made a remark to the woman, someone made caustic comments. One elderly lady pulled the child by the leg.

After fifteen minutes, I decided to offer help to the young mother. After all, among all these aggressive people, the chances of calming the kids on their own tended to zero. I sat down next to her and took the youngest in my arms to rock her. The plane took off, the baby fell asleep.

So what conclusions did I draw? You need to be more tolerant of others. Out of so many passengers, I was the only one who offered to help. All that the girl received from the outside was screams, reproaches, and complaints, which only worsened the situation. Just be kinder.”

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