A wounded eagle that ended up in the middle of the road and caused traffic congestion was saved by a motorcycle rider! (video)

Dandon Miller was leaving Philadelphia and heading back home. The man was on his way when he saw that traffic had slowed down; the road was reportedly congested. Miller decided to investigate the cause of the traffic block after getting off the motorcycle.
He was astonished to see that an eagle standing in the center of the road was the reason for the gridlock. 

“I waited for a few minutes to see if the bird would take off off the road, but the eagle remained stationary. A wild bird standing so quietly on the road raised suspicions. The bird’s wing was damaged, thus there must have been a major reason for this,” the man exclaimed. 

Being an animal lover, Miller made the decision to assist the bird in escaping harm. 

The eagle’s claws were keen and menacing, yet the bird was injured and unable to fly. Despite the fact that it was his favorite shirt, Miller made the decision to remove it and toss it over the bird. The eagle was covered with a shirt. 

“I covered the eagle with a shirt, and people all around me began to photograph me and commend my bravery. I picked up the sea eagle from the road, dialed 911, and then got in touch with the neighborhood sanctuary for wild birds. While rescuers were on the way, the 15-pound bird was under my shirt for almost 45 minutes,” according to Miller. 

“The eagle had a soft tissue injury and an eye injury. Fortunately, there was no fracture, rescue center representative Rebecca Stansell told Dodo. 


The bird was put to sleep while the wounds were attended to. The eagle’s claws slightly tore Miller’s shirt, but Miller realized it was for a good cause, therefore he shouldn’t have worried.

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