A young couple adopted a puma from a petting zoo and raised it as a pet

And for several years now, a 40-kilogram cat has been living in a simple apartment!

Maria and Alexander Dmitriev came upon a puma kitten while visiting the Saransk petting zoo in Penza. They always dreamed that a huge cat lived in their house. Therefore, after talking with the owners of the zoo, the couple surprisingly received consent.

And for several years now, a 40-kilogram puma has been living in a simple human apartment. She was named after the legendary football star Lionel Messi. Due to the fact that the baby spent a lot of time in captivity, it could not be released into the wild. Yes, Messi’s health was far from ideal, but his new best friends cured him!

Of course, taking care of such a cat is not easy, but Maria and Alexander approached the upbringing of Messi with all responsibility. They walk with him twice a day and periodically pamper the baby with beautiful places.

They even found a dog training school that Messi could attend, and there he was taught to do about 10 commands. Of course, keeping a puma at home is dangerous, but Messi is special and she has special owners!

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