A young girl adopted a small kitten she found near the road!

Matea was riding her bike home from work one day when she noticed a small fluffy ball on the side of the road. She came to a halt and moved closer. The fluffy lump was revealed to be a tiny homeless kitten. Matea felt sorry for a lonely kitten who was wandering near a busy intersection. “Passers-by did not pause; they simply passed by indifferently. I couldn’t abandon him. I had to do something,” Matea explained to The Dodo. 

Matea carried the kitten in her backpack. The kitten offered no resistance. He most likely realized he was safe. The little bundle slid into the backpack and promptly fell asleep.

 Gizmo was the name given to the tabby kitten. Matea and her boyfriend brought the kitten to the veterinarian. He was examined, dewormed, and flea-treated there. 

Gizmo eventually grew stronger and more active. “He’s an extremely energizing kitten. Even at the end of the day, his energy doesn’t run out; he doesn’t mind jumping or climbing on my back,” Matea said. 

Matea can’t imagine her life without this bundle of joy! She never regretted stopping by the road that fateful day.

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