A young horse rescued an inexperienced stallion! A heroic scene was captured on video… (video)

Horses are thought to be affectionate and gentle. They are always willing to help one another. These sensitive animals maintain their spiritual qualities while living on the farm and in freedom. 

A wild stallion rescued a young inexperienced stallion who couldn’t cross the Tonto National Forest in Arizona. 

One ranger who witnessed the incident recorded it on video. The number of wild horses in the Arizona National Forest has significantly decreased. Only a few mustang families live in this area.

Becky Standridge, a Park Service volunteer, noticed a group of horses grazing near the Salt River’s banks and, knowing the local animal population, recognized the main stallion – Champion – and his extended family. 

The horses decided to explore the territory on a bright sunny day and entered the river to cross it. Only experienced horses could cross the swift current. 

One inexperienced young stallion, entering such a strong current for the first time, was swept away by the current. 

Champion, the brave stallion, was among them. He ran up to the drowning stallion, helped him to his feet, and assisted him in crossing the dangerous waters. 

You can watch the video of this heroic deed and marvel at the animals’ selflessness and responsiveness!


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