A young man lost 200 kilograms for the sake of his girlfriend, but…

Today, we’ll share with you a remarkable tale about a man who shed 200 pounds to please his lover.

Akyn Turkoglu, a Turkish citizen of 22 years old, made the decision to slim down so that the beloved’s family would start to consider their relationship seriously.

The man started off weighing over 300 kg. Akyn changed his diet and started adding more wholesome meals to it in order to get the desired effect.

Turkoglu walked around 25 kilometers every day in pursuit of his desire; he gave up driving his own car and all modes of transportation as he lost weight.

He either went on foot or on a bicycle. The young boy’s efforts were successful. He lost more than 200 kg for the love of the relationship. However, Akyn Turkoglu was unable to persuade her family to accept his passionate proposal for her hand.

The young man with a strong resolve does not give up. Now that he is well and at last self-assured. He is confident that he will someday meet his genuine soul partner.

And if you were this guy’s girlfriend, how would you respond to his behavior? We want him to find the one and only person who will truly love and cherish him since he is deserving of it!

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