A youngster with varied eye hues acquired a cat from a shelter with the same unique eyes

Madeleine Humphis, originally from Oklahoma, was born with a unique condition: he had a “cleft lip” and heterochromia, a condition in which a person’s eyes vary in hue.

The non-standard form of the lips was fixed with surgery, but the hue of the eyes could not be changed. The boy’s outlandish look drew the attention of his peers, who scoffed at him. Madeleine was angry and unable to make new acquaintances as a result of this.

One day, the boy’s mother happened upon a photo of a cat with a similar oddity in eye color and lip condition on the Internet. The animal was with the animal protection volunteers at the time. When the mother saw the cat, she felt she was meant to be a companion to her son and chose to shelter the four-legged beauty.

Madeleine no longer feels isolated and lost in society after the arrival of a new pet in the family. Luna is the lovely name given to the cat.

Family members have already started sharing her photos on the social network Instagram, where subscribers appreciate their beautiful narrative and provide supportive comments.

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