Abandoned Dog waited outside the school every morning for help until this kind man appeared

Clive will always have a special place in Schaffer’s heart

When Houston, Texas, elementary school teacher Caleb Schaffer got to work one morning last month, he saw a dog. The dog’s tail began to pound as soon as he spotted Caleb Schaffer, who was seated right outside the front door.

Schaffer proceeded on his way to the Lab since he had to go to work. He subsequently went back outside to check on the fearful, sick-looking dog since he was so bothered by him.

The dog, however, has vanished. Schaffer learned that a call for animal control was received, but the police were unsuccessful in catching the dog. The dog was there once more waiting in front of the school as Schaffer left for work the following morning, though. The dog appeared to know Schaffer right away.

The dog’s skin is quite terrible, Schaffer remarked. The dog was gnawing and howling nonstop. Schaffer went inside to teach while grieving. He explained to his students that he needed their assistance in keeping a lookout for the dog since he believed it was calling out for help. Schaffer rushed outside to seek the dog when the school bell rang, but he had vanished again.

This time, the dog approached Schaffer and barked. He used tofu from his meal to try to entice the dog. He finally scooped him up and placed him inside. There wasn’t much time left until Schaffer had to start school. Schaffer hurried back to work as his wife watched him hastily drive the dog back to his apartment.

Later, Schaffer took the day off so he could return home and assist the dog. Schaffer was already at capacity with his own dogs, and his apartment building only allowed two dogs per flat, so he was unable to retain him.

None of the rescue organizations Schaffer contacted about taking the dog, whom he decided to call Clive, had space. Schaffer took Clive to the Harris County animal shelter as he required emergency care. Schaffer offered Clive a drug-laced bath once they arrived.

Then Schaffer started collaborating with Clive. He asked for assistance on the Facebook page of Urgent Shelter Pets of Houston and uploaded pictures and videos there. In the meantime, Clive’s time in the shelter was running out. Schaffer feared he would be put to death if no one intervened quickly.

Schaffer finally got some wonderful news. Volunteers from Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption saw the video about Clive and wanted to assist him. Clive was offered foster care by a couple in Austin, Texas, and the rescue coordinated his release from the shelter. And it was clear that Clive was eager to join a family when he first met his foster parents. Clive is now recovering and looks fantastic thanks to some love and medical attention.

Clive will always hold a special place in Schaffer’s heart. In order to convey to his students the value of proper canine care, he recounts them Clive’s story.

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