Acknowledging the Beauty of Angelina Jolie’s Mother and Her Influence on the Actress’s Looks

Angelina Jolie’s mom achieved great success, just like the actress herself.

Angelina Jolie began her acting career in 1983, with her first role in the movie “In Search of a Way Out,” where she acted alongside her parents. She held a grudge against her father for a long time because he left the family and divorced her.

After her parents’ divorce, Angelina and her mom, Marcheline, moved to New York. Marcheline focused on raising her two children and gave up her own career.

Angelina recalls that her mom always wanted her to dye her hair black because she liked it that way. Marcheline passed away in 2007.

Despite the conflicts and disagreements, Angelina deeply felt the loss of her mom. She considers herself lucky to have spent time with her mom. When she looks in the mirror, she sees a connection to her mom. Angelina acknowledges that she’s getting older and her appearance is changing, but she’s okay with it.

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