Actor J. Momoa kept looking at his wife during movie premiere

Here is actor Jason Momoa displaying love and care for his wife during the premiere of the film.

The well-known star of “Game of Thrones,” as well as “Aquaman,” J. Momoa literally did not take his eyes off Lisa Boney, his 51-year-old wife.

They have been together since 2005. Currently, they are raising two gorgeous kids. The couple recently attended the “Aquaman” movie premiere in Hollywood. 

The actor kept his eyes fixed on his devoted wife while giving her a warm hug and a gentle kiss. 

Their lovely family was complete with their 11-year-old heiress Lola, 9-year-old son Nakoa, and mother Jason Coni.

The gifted actor portrayed Arthur, who can breathe underwater and possesses extraordinary strength, rapid speed, and other superpowers. 

N. Kidman, A. Heard, and numerous more actors also appeared in the movie.

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