Adorable puppy from a shelter treats her toys like babies

Last month, Viva Bicho Santos, a nonprofit animal protection organization, saved a stray dog. On the Brazilian streets, they discovered her sobbing. Her given name was Samantha. She was pregnant at the time but had health issues. 

Despite being in good hands, she was unable to deliver her babies to term. 

Despite losing her babies, she still had maternal impulses. 

The workers gave her a ton of gifts to cheer her up a little. 

As a result of the gifts reminding her of her loss, it ended up being the reverse. 


When they dropped several toys on the floor, they saw her begin to pick them up one at a time and carry them all to her bed. She treated them as though they were her own children. 

It was a unique method of handling heartache. 

It was disappointing that the toys couldn’t capture her compassion for others. She was worthy of love. 

Rescuers made the decision to allow her to meet a little dog that they recently saved. She needs a lot of affection and parental guidance. 

The moment they saw each other, they developed a mother-daughter relationship. 

They merged into one. She is aided in coping with her tragedy by the puppy. 

We sincerely hope that the dogs will one day be adopted by families who will adore them no matter what.

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