Adriano Celentano and the lovely Claudia Mori are celebrating their wedding anniversary today!

57 years of marriage!

Andriano Celentano, on the set of the film “One Strange Type,” was attracted by Claudia Mori’s attractiveness and began courting her in 1963. But his intimidation simply drove the actress away. Claudia accidentally triggered a short circuit once while shooting. Celentano’s face was injured by fragments of one of the fractured plafonds. Claudia, terrified, approached the actor and apologized. Andriano was unfazed and promptly invited the girl on a date after receiving consent.

The pair split up after filming, but Celentano’s sentiments were stronger. He invited Claudia to his performance and proclaimed his love to her on stage. Then their romance took on fresh life. On the night of July 14, 1964, they secretly married. However, the wedding was almost called off owing to a disagreement between the couple. Claudia disliked Adriano’s tie (Italian passion!).

Claudia later chose to abandon her acting and singing profession in order to spend more time with her children and spouse. Claudia built the image of Celentano as a brave, reckless, and ruthless womanizer, which gave him global prominence. Celentano was physically surrounded by supporters who would not let him pass. Adriano had an affair with Ornella Muti, with whom he featured in the film “The Taming of the Shrew,” after twenty years of family life, and what man could resist such beauty? But he quickly recovered, repented, and returned to his family.

Currently, the couple lives on their estate in the Milan outskirts, does not participate in social life, and is not embroiled in controversies or rumors. The children have all reached the age of fifty and have all grown up. All of them succeeded in their chosen fields and are now raising their families. Adriano is already 83 years old, and Claudia is 77, and they enjoy each other’s company. Years of living together only served to deepen their bond.

Claudia has stated several times that Adriano is the most intriguing person she has ever met. And Celentano claims that Claudia Mori has always had his heart. This is how a successful stage pair evolved into a loving couple who adore each other and have been together for more than 50 years.

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