“Adult son”: how did the boy whom Madonna adopted 14 years ago grow up

The favorite of millions and a model of femininity 14 years ago, she committed a responsible act, she adopted a child from Malawi, whom she named David.

In addition, Madonna has an adult daughter and son and three more adopted children,  despite this,  she equally loves all her children, without singling out relatives and adoptive ones from them.

Today, the young man lives in Portugal,  and his star mother bought a house in this country and moved in with him in order to devote more time to him.

It is worth noting that  David grew up with quite a diverse personality, besides the fact that he is smart, still goes in for sports, and is a member of the football team. In addition, he became interested in music, which proves that the star has grown into a creative child.

Recall that our hero lives with his mother, and with his brothers and sisters, he was able to establish excellent friendly relations.

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