After Battling Cancer, Leanne Hainsby of Peloton Delays Wedding Planning

Leanne Hainsby isn’t currently focused on planning her wedding to Ben Alldis, and she has a compelling reason for this decision. In a recent interview with Women’s Health, the Peloton instructor shared that while she’s cancer-free, her priority is to regain trust in her body before delving into wedding preparations.

She explained, “Before Ben and I start planning a wedding or anything else, I want to have complete confidence in my body again. That’s my primary goal – to not just say it but truly believe it.”

Hainsby revealed her battle with breast cancer in January, following her official diagnosis in August 2022. Last autumn, she underwent 12 weeks of chemotherapy treatment while continuing to teach three to four Peloton classes each week, all without disclosing her diagnosis to her followers and riders.

She reflected on this decision, saying, “I didn’t want to constantly feel like a cancer patient, which is how I often felt.”

In early April, Hainsby received a clean bill of health during her three-month checkup. However, she emphasized that there’s a mental aspect to dealing with a cancer diagnosis that lingers.

The couple’s romance became public knowledge in April 2020 when fans noticed that Alldis and Hainsby filmed their cycling classes with the same background. By August 2021, they were engaged, and they’ve previously expressed their desire to marry by the end of 2024.

Alldis explained their cautious approach, stating, “At the moment, we’re taking things slowly this year, focusing on ensuring Leanne feels like herself again,” referring to Hainsby, who is 35 years old.

Their future wedding celebration will be a departure from their discreet beginning. Alldis recounted how they were both newcomers to Peloton in 2018, two Brits in New York where the company is headquartered. They formed a close friendship and eventually a romantic relationship. However, they chose to keep it quiet initially to maintain respect for the brand.

When the time comes for their wedding, it will be a significant milestone in their journey from Peloton colleagues to life partners.

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