After being abandoned by his previous family, the 8-year-old dog got terribly thin crying all day long

The family abandoned the eight-year-old dog named Ray, leaving him to fend for himself on the streets of California.

His eyes were so dejected that they displayed every bit of his heartbreak’s suffering.

His physique resembled a skeleton due to his drastic weight loss, and his fur was becoming thinner and thinner every day.

He had faced enormous and awful obstacles while wandering the streets, and he was utterly worn out.

When individuals leave their dogs behind without thinking about the repercussions, it is one of the most serious and cruel situations.

It’s really tragic… We frequently encounter situations when family members give up their ill or elderly pets without realizing the sorrow that may subsequently befall them.

Why do you abuse them like that? Ray too found himself in a similar predicament, but thanks to the staff of the rescue group who had learned about the puppy, they were able to help.

Ray felt a bit better because of the kindness of the volunteers, but he was still in a difficult situation.

In any case, they made the decision to place the dog up for adoption in the hopes that they would be able to mend the dog’s, wounded heart.

And we’re pleased to report that they were successful. Despite all that has occurred to Ray since he was adopted, his affections for people remain the same.

He continues to be the same adorable child who welcomes everyone with joy and affection.

We want his family to shower him with love and care constantly. He deserves it without a doubt.

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