After being abandoned by someone who promised him love three times, the dog hunches over in fear

His body language expresses his apprehension and mistrust.

When a puppy is adopted from a shelter, it appears that their life will have a happy ending and that they will finally be able to receive all the love they deserve after being released from the cages and the streets. Sadly, this is not always the case, and some species have endured repeated abandonment throughout their lifetime.

Finn Alexander, a Chihuahua who has experienced trauma from human brutality, is one of these unfortunates. After being removed from the streets and transferred to a Dallas shelter (United States), Finn’s public career began in 2014. There, he was given the opportunity to obtain therapy, and shortly after, he was ready to begin seeking a loving home. It was simple for the furry one to win over the hearts of many candidates because of his status as a puppy and his amazing appeal.

Only one family was able to adopt Finn out of the many that wanted to.

After meeting all the standards at the shelter to approve the adoption, the furry one went for his new home, where they hoped he would spend the remainder of his days in bliss. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned! Five years after being adopted, the dog was returned to a shelter in 2019.

The cause of this is unknown. The individuals who saved him and brought him to the shelter took it upon themselves to locate him in a new modest house after Finn found himself homeless once more after a confusing period. Despite the fact that everything seemed to be going according to plan, the dog fortunately had another chance to be happy.

Even though his pain has not lessened, Finn feels abandoned once more.

The puppy was just discovered inside a small box, thus things have become worse the third time around. According to reports, after being looked for by his family for years, the creature was abandoned in a park with his possessions. CAMO Rescue has made public the life story of Finn. This organization created the situation to spread awareness and find a home for the dog.

This small friend did not merit to be treated with such contempt.

“He was abandoned in his box with all of his belongings at a park in the year 2021 and ended up at the Denton Animal Shelter.” On April 4, it was said on Facebook that “microchips don’t lie, and you can’t hide from ransom!”

The dog appears scared and his body language conveys his fear and mistrust after years of being a victim of human insensitivity. Nobody knows for sure what Finn’s prior families were trying to accomplish, but nothing can excuse the destruction they inflicted on him.

His rescuers are trying to find him a real home.

CAMO Rescue, Dental Animal Shelter, and Dallas Animal Shelter are currently cooperating to advance the situation and ensure that his new home is long-term. Go to the shelter’s website to make plans to meet Finn. It should be mentioned, though, that following his story, potential adopters would go through a rigorous vetting process.

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