After being abandoned several times “the saddest dog in the world” waits for his forever home…

The small dog you are currently viewing on your displays is referred to as “the saddest dog in the world.”

Lana is her name. She is now, regrettably, homeless, and if she does not find a new family soon, she could be put to death.

Things didn’t go well the first time Lana was brought home from the shelter because she became irate when her human mother approached her during meals.

The dog was really saddened by the distraught family’s decision to take the dog back to the shelter after that day.

Fortunately, the shelter was able to locate someone who would give the dog another opportunity after some time.

Lana was so adopted once more. Everyone wanted to bring a puppy home with them so they could play and enjoy themselves, but Lana was unique and not what people anticipated.

She is undoubtedly a joyful and entertaining youngster, but she is not really a dog that will aggressively wag its tail and play like a puppy.

Unfortunately, the dog was once again abandoned when she was brought back to the shelter.

He is now looking for someone to “understand” her for the first time and make her the happiest dog in the entire world. She needs a new owner right away so that she can stop crying.

She won’t let you rub or scratch her tummy, as we previously indicated, but she will unquestionably be a devoted friend that will stand by your side and guard you at all times.

She only requires a family that will provide her with a permanent home and never abandon her.

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