After being hit by a car it turned out that some cruel people also cut off his ears… (video)

As animal lovers, it hurts us so much to read such terrible and brutal stories about animals.

It is really hard to even understand images that depict such inhumane treatment.

Only our love and care should be given to these adorable and helpless animals.

When the staff members arrived at work that day, they were informed that a dog had been running over in front of their building and was in very bad shape.

That cruel man ignored the infant completely and left him on his own. He may pass away if he lingered there much longer.

Fortunately, sympathetic individuals learned about the dog and rushed to aid him.

The baby was then sent right away to the clinic, where it was discovered that the unfortunate creature had experienced horrible brutality.

Before the tragedy, he was already in extremely poor health and was crippled.

Someone had severed his ears, and it hurts to mention it at all. How callous can someone be?

Kind people eventually located him and saved his life after so many awful days. They chose to refer to him as Lucky.

He receives excellent care there, and despite all the abuse he endured, the little kid continued to have faith in humans since he knew they all cared about him and were working hard to hasten his recovery.

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