After four years of searching, a family discovers their missing dog

Gucci, a homeless dog, never expected to return home after four years on the streets.

Unforeseen events

The Chumley family from the United States was ready to provide a decent home for the tiny pit bull. They took him in with good intentions, hoping to provide him with a lovely and carefree future. But who knew that one tragedy would derail these plans for the next four years?

The pet vanished during the relocation. They looked for it, issued queries to various services, and kept information on the Internet up to date. Even after a few months had passed, the owners remained optimistic that they would be able to return it.

Jodie couldn’t find serenity when she saw an ad for one of the Philadelphia shelters (they were living in Tennessee at the time).

She recognized her old companion in the photo of the thin and unwell cat. The girl did not hesitate, contacting the post’s authors and convincing them that her dog was in the photograph.

The pit bull’s owner arrived. The animal is ill as a result of his lengthy wanderings and needs medical attention, but his people are eager to assist him. The Chumlees are overjoyed to have been reunited with Gucci and to be able to settle down.

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