After four years of separation and unsuccessful attempts – a family from the USA was rewarded for their perseverance

The American Chumley family raised a pit bull puppy from infancy. The dog was always surrounded by touching care and attention, and all family members loved her very dearly. So the carefree happy dog ​​life would have flowed, if not for one most unpleasant incident that stretched out for four whole years.

The pit bull suddenly disappeared while the family was energetically organizing a move to another state. He was searched for by all available means. They passed leaflets around the city, constantly contacted veterinary services, and placed an ad on the Internet with a reward for finding a dog. In vain. All information and all eyewitness accounts did not fall under the description of the animal. It seemed that everyone’s favorite pet had sunk into the water.

The family moved to Tennessee. One day, out of habit, Jodie was surfing the Internet, looking for any information about her missing pit bull. Imagine her surprise when she saw her dog in an ad posted by one of the shelters in Philadelphia!

The picture was of her beloved old dog. Time had treated him unfriendly – the sickly and exhausted muzzle of the dog clearly spoke of this. The girl did not waste a minute and immediately rushed to call the data indicated under the photo. In the end, her excited and sometimes hysterical voice convinced the authors of the post that the owner of the dog had been found, albeit in a completely different state.

The owner of the animal came for him to take him with her. Due to a long and probably hard life on the street, the pit bull has not changed for the better. The skin on the body looked unpresentable and tattered in places, the dog itself was emaciated, and the look of the dog’s eyes was tired and sad. The Chumleys were overjoyed at being reunited with their “tramp” and are now keeping an eye on him. It is obvious that the dog itself has worked up quite a bit and will not make its owners relive it now.

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