After living in a house with three Siberian Huskies, the rescued kitten considers himself a husky too (video)

When Rosie was rescued from the streets, she was just three weeks old. He made the decision to identify as a Siberian husky the next day.

The fact is that when he was relocated to his new home, he encountered three enormous dogs who, to many people’s astonishment, embraced the kind baby with wonderful love and care, dispelling all preconceptions about the dog-cat connection.

From the moment they first met, they had a fantastic friendship and began living in harmony.

Of these adorable three, Lilo in particular treated Rosie quite differently and appeared to assume the role of her foster mother.

Rosie is therefore certain that Lilo is his mother and that she is still a dog now that they have shared a home for a considerable amount of time.

They do everything together, including play, sleep, cuddling, and other activities, and they are never apart.

He relaxes in the basket as the Huskies run because, although he also enjoys playing and running around, it can sometimes become difficult for his small legs if it goes on for too long.

Additionally, their owners frequently share adorable photos of them online.

Just have a look at them; they are so cute and nice.

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