After receiving the best surprise ever the 5-year-old girl thinks she is a mother too

The baby girl says that she is the duckling’s mother.

The bond between children and animals is, in my opinion, the sweetest type of relationship.

Between them, everything is so clean. A young girl named Kylie Brown, who is only 5 years old but has already succeeded in becoming a “mother,” is one of the heroes of our day’s tale.

She owns a cute animal. He was brought home last summer while he was still a little duckling.

The tiny yellow furry newborn was initially delivered to the house in an annoyingly creaky box.

Kylie walked over to it to investigate what was inside. When she turned to see, the creaking stopped.

The sweetest surprise she had ever received. From the beginning, they became unable to be apart.

Together, they traveled everywhere. They are now best buddies for life.

Her mother saw that her daughter also became very responsible and attentive when the animal arrived at the house.

She merely provides excellent care for her pet, making sure he always feels secure.

The young girl claims to be the mother of the duckling. Ducklings do not usually follow their birth mother while they are moving.

Any other moving item they come across initially will be followed by them.

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