After rescuing this stray kitten, his family discovered that he was simply obsessed with snow

He spent hours playing in the snow, never getting tired of that magical beauty.

Dibs loves his family and the snow more than anything else in the world.

The very first year he moved in with them, his family members discovered his love of snow.

Dibs had been taken in after being rescued from the streets, and at first, they gave him some time outside to de-stress.

They were astounded by the cat’s response on the day it started snowing.

He exited the home and, upon seeing the snow, became so overjoyed that he appeared to be losing his mind.

He spent hours playing in the snow, never becoming weary of its enchantment.

They debated making the cat an indoor-only pet for a few weeks but ultimately decided against it since they didn’t want to deprive the adorable baby of the biggest thrill of his life.

They thus came up with the wonderful notion that since Dibs couldn’t get to the snow, the snow could travel to him instead.

In order to cover the balcony floor, his father hauled in a quantity of snow and placed it there.

Dibs’ joy must be shown; he had never been happier. He couldn’t contain his joy.

He instantly began having fun in the snowbank.

After that day, they continue to bring home a load of snow for Dibs each time it snows.

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