After saving a dog from being put down, a woman later learned that the pet was pregnant and would soon give birth

Luna, a stray dog in the hands of the local social services department, appeared to be facing execution. If Lucy Holmes, the director of animal rescue in North Yorkshire, England, hadn’t heard about this dog, she would have been put down.

Lucy found out that something was wrong with the 12-month-old shepherd she had adopted. The dog was pregnant, and the vet verified Lucy’s suspicions — it had to give birth periodically. 

According to Lucy, who spoke to The Dodo, “I was quite concerned because I didn’t know what the puppies would need at the time of birth.”

Lucy and her family were concerned and unable to sleep the entire night when Luna went into labor a week later. They guessed that Luna will have four, five, or maybe six puppies. Luna was a young mother who gave birth to up to ten puppies! 

“The birth of these wonderful creatures thrilled our family. 

The puppies will be cared for by us for a while. 

They will all be adopted through Lucie’s Animal Rescue when they are old enough. Luna will also locate a long-term residence, declared Lucy. The family is currently amused by the adorableness of a mother and her puppies!

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