After seeing new images of Jolie, her supporters started to worry that she had lost weight

Fans of Jolie are worried about her unhealthily low body fat. 

We can only see a woman’s appearance on the red carpet, infrequently in public, or when new movies are being filmed because the well-known actress and directors do not use social media. Fans of actress Angelina Jolie are really worried about her health following her divorce from her ex-husband, actor Brad Pitt. 

The well-known actress has recently seen grocery shopping with her daughter Vivien, who was carrying packages, in a supermarket. 

Jolie tried to conceal her physique in a loose black sweatshirt, but her tight leggings showed off her extreme thinness, according to her followers. Her readers think she has health problems. 

We really hope the gifted actress is in perfect health and without any problems. 

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