After seeing the dog at the shelter, a man just fell in love with him, promising to give him the best life possible

Of course, most pet owners like their animals, but some are able to develop an especially close and profound relationship with them.

Scott and Biggie are a prime example of such a connection; they had a really unique friendship from the minute they first met.

Scott came upon a sign reading “GermanShepherd Puppies” one day while passing by a tiny village in Idaho.

The point is that it instantly drew his attention because he had just lost his dog.

Even though he had not even considered getting another dog at the time, he fell in love with Biggie right away.

Biggie reportedly had a number of issues, which caused him to stay at the shelter for a longer period of time than his other siblings, but Scott was unconcerned by any of that.

He was not one of those individuals who valued looks. So they traveled home together on the same day.

Scott declared, “I want to give him all I can to make him the happiest dog.”

Their preferred location is the mountain range. They frequently go snowboarding, skiing, and hiking together.

Biggie just enjoys the snow. He enjoyably plays and leaps around the snow whenever his dad rides a snowboard.

Biggie has enormous ears that are always vigilant to hear what is going on around him. He is also a superb listener.

Biggie appears to still be a puppy at heart who enjoys playing ball and having fun despite being a large dog.

He keeps a ball with him at all times and uses it as a pacifier.

Scott said that he also conquered his depression as a result of Biggie.

Of course, in addition to all of this, they also face certain personal challenges associated with caring for Biggie.

Big was just admitted to the hospital due to lung fluid. He began to feel better after three days, and he is now gladly totally recovered and able to carry on living his life with his father and engaging in their favorite pastimes.

They truly have a unique and close friendship, which encourages many people to adopt dogs. They really will improve your life, I promise you that.

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