After the very first moment of meeting each other they became inseparable (video)

When this husky’s prospective permanent family initially arrived to adopt him, he was a sweet little puppy.

If not for his younger sister Hazel, who made him feel at ease as soon as he stepped inside the house, nothing would have gone as smoothly and easily.

These two hit it off right away and thought of one another as brothers and sisters from the very beginning.

The quick bond these two had just astounded their parents.

No matter what, the pair vehemently refuses to separate, not even for a few minutes.

They socialize by playing together, sleeping together, and even sharing food.

They are unconcerned with anything in the world while they are together. They are even referred to as criminal partners.

Everyone has already seen how much the pair has changed and how their differences have progressed, and despite all of their shenanigans, they are just too cute.

Rio will go to great lengths to keep his beloved sister safe. The cute couple is simply enjoying their time together and making a lot of people happy.

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