Again friendship between different animals – Baby zebra and orphaned rhino calf became friends after being treated together in a shelter intensive care unit

The Wild Rhino Care Sanctuary is the home of a young zebra and a baby rhinoceros. Rangers managed to save both creatures. 

In the Kruger National Park in South Africa, Baby Daisy was discovered all by herself. She had only been born for a few hours, and even then, she was too frail to even stand. The orphanage’s intensive care unit received Daisy via rescue helicopter. She required continual attention and treatment to keep her immune system strong. Then Daisy encountered Mojaji, a young rhinoceros who had been hospitalized at the end of November, in the shelter.

He was just a week old when he was discovered in the reserve after a storm and significant rain, according to Lowen Bowker, a media contact for Dodo. 

Over time, the animals grew close and became one big family. 

In reality, rhinoceroses are social and inquisitive creatures. Mojaji proved to be excellent company for Daisy, who was bashful. They developed a strong bond with one another. 

The orphans became sisters to one another after a month of cohabitation. 

They don’t separate for a second throughout the day, and at night they cuddle as they sleep. It is crucial for them to have each other and not feel lonely because they are distant from their true habitat, which are wild regions. 

They will be reintroduced into the wild once they have recovered and begun to grow, according to Bowker.

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