Alfonso Ribeiro’s Daughter, Ava Sue, Injured in Scooter Accident Just Before Her 4th Birthday

Alfonso Ribeiro, renowned for his role in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” recently shared a concerning update concerning his daughter, Ava Sue. Tragically, she was involved in a scooter accident just one day prior to her fourth birthday.

Ava Sue suffered injuries after falling from her seated scooter, resulting in significant bruising, burns surrounding her right eye, and a pronounced scar on her right elbow and shoulder.

Both Alfonso and his wife, Angela Ribeiro, provided updates on Ava Sue’s condition. . Alfonso conveyed his appreciation to the healthcare professionals at Kare MD Skin Health for their quick response and the surgical procedure they conducted to minimize scarring. He also commended his daughter for her courage throughout the surgery.

Angela shared that she had a maternal instinct and cautioned the family, kids, and caregivers against participating in any precarious activities that might result in a trip to the emergency room on Ava’s birthday. Regrettably, Ava Sue’s accident transpired shortly after this advisory.

Dr. Raffy was then determined that surgery was necessary to minimize potential scarring. Angela acknowledged Ava Sue’s courage and shared her intention to provide extra cuddles to comfort her daughter.

The medical staff extended birthday wishes to Ava Sue and thanked Alfonso for entrusting their care to them. They expressed their commitment to Ava’s recovery.

Everyone hopes for Ava Sue’s speedy recovery and wishes her a joyful birthday.

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