“Always Wanted To Be a Man”: What Does Hollywood Actress Ellen Page Look Like After Her Decision To Became a Man?

The 35th birthday of the actor Elliot Page was on February 21. Few people are aware that Page went by Ellen throughout most of his life. Actress Ellen Page shocked online users with her revelation a couple of years ago.

The actress, who has undergone drastic alteration, asked fans to address her as Elliot while displaying a photo of herself following plastic surgery. “I’ve always wished I were a man. And I’m happy to be here with you in a different way,” the actor said in his photo.

Many admirers disapproved of Elliot’s choice and turned away from the Hollywood icon. Several admirers spoke up for the hero, praising him and encouraging him.

Although many online users disagree with the “actress'” choice, they acknowledge that everyone has the ability to make their own decisions. Many individuals won’t comprehend why people shift their orientation or what emotions they are now experiencing.

Maybe something unexplainable and unconscious propels them to do this.

How will you respond? We’re interested in hearing your thoughts. How do you feel about the “actress'” choice?

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