Amanda Bynes Admitted to Mental Hospital After Disturbing Prank Incident

Amanda Bynes was taken to a mental hospital after someone played a prank on her that made her upset. In Los Angeles, she was seen walking around without clothes on.

Amanda Bynes Placed on Psychiatric Hold, Found Naked and Roaming Streets

Amanda, known for songs like “She’s a Man” and “What a Woman Needs,” has been dealing with mental health problems for a while. She also has issues with addiction. Last weekend, she was seen walking alone on the street without clothes on. She called 911 and told a passing car that she was having a mental breakdown. The police came to pick her up and took her to the police station. There, she had a medical evaluation before being sent to a mental hospital.

Amanda Bynes' Parents Have No Plan to Put Her Back in Conservatorship After 'Psychiatric Hold'

At this unique hospital in California, patients are kept separate for 72 hours, and it can be longer if needed. During this time, experts will carefully check the person’s mental health. According to the Daily Mail, Amanda didn’t resist the medical or law enforcement officers. Now, her health is being taken care of by professionals.

Amanda Bynes has been struggling with mental health problems for a long time. She has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and social anxiety. Her parents don’t plan to put her back under conservatorship, despite what happened recently.

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