An abandoned dog starts wagging its tail every time he sees someone approaching, hoping that his owner has finally returned…

A really moving video of an abandoned puppy who greets shoppers at the entrance to a supermarket every day has surfaced online.

This video spread swiftly over the entire planet. The dog starts wagging its tail wildly whenever it sees humans, making everyone else happy with its adorable appearance.

The dog’s purpose for being chained up there was unclear at the time, but ever since he arrived, he has served as a “staff member,” waving to every passerby. He promptly wags his tail at the visitors and gets an affirmation of affection in return.

Everyone appeared to stop and express their gratitude to him for his daily demonstration of such affection as he gazed at them with sorrowful eyes.

Nobody truly knew about the poor dog’s broken heart as they went by him.

Later, it was discovered that his owner had abandoned him, but for a while, he waited for him with his precious, innocent eyes, thinking that he would soon be home from work and take him home.

Dogs are the most devoted creatures on earth, and they are constantly prepared to stand by us by empathizing with all of our emotions.

Never treat them this way because we are everything to them. They are not due to that.

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