An abused dog ran away from home and came back with a note on his head

Dogs, according to scientists, are capable of feeling simple emotions like fear, pleasure, love, and wrath but not more complex ones like guilt.

Golden Retriever Jin Mao was not at all outraged by what he had done as a result. The fact that the dog’s owner voiced his wrath rather than the reality that the dog had eaten the boot of its new owner annoyed the dog.

The disgruntled retriever took advantage of the circumstance and escaped the house after hiding under the table. Even though it was nighttime, the owner was concerned about the dog’s disappearance.

He went to look for him but couldn’t find him. The morning search was carried out again in vain. The loss of the owner’s cherished dog saddened him.

Yet by midday, Jin Mao had gone back home as if nothing had occurred, so his sorrow was short-lived.

The dog was clean, nourished, and in a lively attitude, so he obviously did not walk the streets all night. What happened to him?

A letter that was glued to the top of the pet’s head included the answer to the owner’s question.

During the evening, this dog managed to sneak into the home of the proprietor of a small grocery shop on a nearby street and consume meat pies that were being prepared for sale before he was seen.

The dog eventually fell asleep under the counter after eight pies. The dog was obviously at home, so they made the decision to leave him overnight and release him the next day with a letter.

Now, the proprietor of Jin Mao had to spend money on pies in addition to shoes. He decided not to shout at the pet any longer since he knew he would hurt the animal physically if he did.

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