An adorable Dalmatian dog named Wiley with a heart-shaped nose: Look at the charming boy; he’s a heartthrob

Many people were won over by this puppy. 

The middle of Wiley’s nose bears a heart-shaped mark, which makes him a cute little creature. 

You could assume it’s Photoshop because of how well the spot is placed, but it’s not. 

His mother Lexi Smith was concerned that as he grew older, his heart might weaken. 

Thankfully, nothing occurred to it. 

His adorable nose is the first thing everyone notices. As gorgeous as his exterior is his inner heart. 

His 22000 Instagram followers admire how sociable and adorable he is. 

Such a miracle in the form of a cute small dog was given to his owner. 

She acknowledges that having him has made her life better and that she is proud to be his mother. She frequently daydreamed about having a pet like him. 

Wherever he goes, he spreads happiness and joy.

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