An adorable rescue dog ages backward when she goes on a healthy diet (video)

Jimmy just adopted the overweight rescue dog Squishy. When he took her inside, she weighed 59 pounds. At first, the poor puppy could only move slowly. After 200 to 300 yards, she was unable to travel any farther.

Jimmy was aware that she needed to shed the most weight possible while having joint issues. The two would therefore initially go on a walk together.

Squishy ultimately stopped walking, though. Jimmy had to pick up Squishy and carry her back to her house when she was unable to walk on her own.

The owner would then force her to exercise by waking her up at three in the morning. They would go for five runs each week. For the dog, it was first quite taxing.

The owner steadily raised the level of difficulty of the exercise. But he made sure she performed the last stretching exercises.

Squishy didn’t want any negative effects after spending so much time sitting, so this was done. Squishy’s joints needed to be able to move in the appropriate directions, according to Jimmy.

After that, the cute puppy became better and better. When she had the freedom to walk about, she appeared happy.

Squishy grew happier and more optimistic. The owner made sure they followed a diet and avoided snacking as much as possible. They never went about their daily business.

They made ongoing efforts to get better. Squishy gradually began to go on long runs. The adorable puppy finally turned 30 after three years.

She managed to lose 30 pounds before turning 12 years old. Jimmy was happy to be of help to her. Now, much more adept at interacting with other canines, Squishy led a happy life.

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