An adult lion meets his youngster for the first time in this beautiful video

One of the most exciting events in each zoo across the world is the birth of cubs.

A lion cub was born in a pair of lions Tobias and Nelly, his mother is a middle-aged lioness, she is seven years old, but the happy father is only three, and he is still young.

But the incredible reaction of the young father to the appearance of his offspring made this event much more famous than it could be.

In a few days, the video of their first meeting spread all over the Internet.

With the help of this video, the Denver Zoo is now raising funds to support the maintenance of lions.

And everyone who watched the recording can offer their own version of the name for the new member of the pack.

According to the zoo personnel, there are already a lot of names.

 In games with his elder half-sister, the lion cub is already exploring the environment with might and main.



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