An anxious dog waits for dad to perform life-saving surgery on his beloved toy friend

Leo obviously loves his family dearly, but he also has another thing he enjoys.

This cute, fluffy puppy simply enjoys his toy, as his owner Haley Alaksanyan to us.

She claimed that her dog absolutely likes it and constantly brings it along with him.

But recently, a little “problem” in their lives threatened to put an end to their connection. Leo was playing with a friend one day when it occurred.

The problem is that while they were playing, the child unintentionally made a hole in his small plush pal, exposing his white insides.

Fortunately, Haley’s father arrived right away to assist the dog and his pal.

The dog was distraught at the time. Any means necessary were used to try to save his pal.

“He started weeping attempting to steal it in whatever way until my father removed the toy from him and put it in a high location so he couldn’t reach it,” Alaksanyan added.

“The toy was then being sewn by my father when he pulled out his sewing supplies.”

The frightened Leo never left his friend’s side during the entire disaster, even when a critical “surgery” to save his cherished toy was underway.

Fortunately, the procedure went well, and Leo eventually became quiet.

The puppy and his beloved toy were then reunited in a joyful and pleasant moment.

Leo began to treat his friend a bit more gently after that, but there was no question that dad would still be there to lend a hand.

Alaksanyan said, “I’ve never seen something so lovely.”

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