An elderly dog lay in the parking lot and looked plaintively at people

This elderly dog, who looked like he was asking for help, was noticed in the parking lot. Caring people could not pass by this innocent creature, which looked plaintively around.

This stray dog was lying in a parking lot in Austin, USA, asking for help. All she had was an old abandoned couch. But caring people could not just walk past the dog, and decided to help.

Passers-by contacted the Austin Animal Center, whose staff immediately agreed to take the dog. She was so happy to see them that she smiled and wagged her tail. The dog was named Bluebelle at the shelter and determined to be 9 years old.

For the first couple of days, Bluebelle drank a lot of water and slept a lot. She had to endure a lot of stress – and she did not believe that she was finally in caring hands. The dog was also found to have severe scabies, which caused damage to its skin and hair loss, as well as eye problems.

However, Bluebell proved to be a strong fighter. She steadfastly endured all the procedures and treatment and is quickly on the mend. She is currently being cared for at the shelter. When she finally recovers, loving owners will be found for the sweet dog.

Be happy, Bluebell!

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