An MA degree was given to a special service dog that helped his owner complete his university education

Today, we’ll share with you a remarkable tale of a golden retriever who earned his master’s degree alongside his owner, a student at an American university. 

Brittany Hawley received her degree from New York’s Clarkson University. The youngster attended the graduation ceremony with Griffin, a 4-year-old dog who also received a diploma. The girl had a specialty in occupational therapy or the recovery of motor functions. 

Behind Griffin’s smiling pictures is a rich history of his artistic life. The truth is that the retriever’s owner was 16 when she received a diagnosis of complicated regional pain syndrome. Her condition causes regular, excruciating bouts, and she must move around in a wheelchair. 

Griffin, a specially trained dog provided by the organization paws4people, was given to her to assist with chores and carry out owner instructions. And the dog started attending lessons with the girl once she enrolled in a university in the USA. Griffin accompanied her as she trained at a specialized military base in North Carolina. They attended lectures, projects, and seminars together.

The University decided that it was only reasonable to give the dog a Master’s degree as compensation for his efforts after he received a diploma. Many people were amazed as this tale traveled over the globe. On the Internet, pictures from the graduation ceremony have gone viral.

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