An ordinary aunt with a smile. Lopez appeared in the bathroom without makeup and wearing a bathrobe

Jennifer Lopez, 51, continues to enchant her adoring admirers with her radiant beauty. Jennifer aggressively flaunts her slim figure, inspiring jealous ladies.

“Is it really feasible to appear 20 at 51?” enquire restless internet users.

Jennifer chose to show her admirers that she can look nice without makeup the other day. Lopez stood in front of the crowd comfortable and with a typical bun on her head.

“But the genuine one,” “I’m dissatisfied,” “Without cosmetics like everyone else,” “Ordinary aunt,” “But without dumplings on half a face,” “Beautiful,” “Looks very youthful,” “And no wrinkles,” “Bravo, Jennifer,” netizens said.

What do you think? What do you think of the diva’s home?

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