Angelina Jolie Shows Off Lighter Blonde Hair During Visit to Atelier Jolie Store in New York City

Angelina Jolie, the actress, was in New York City on Wednesday. She has lighter blonde hair now. She went to her store, Atelier Jolie. She wore sunglasses, a black coat, and a white T-shirt. Her hair was longer and straight.

She has been lightening her hair for a few months. In June 2023, she had caramel-colored hair. She first changed her hair color in April, before opening Atelier Jolie in May.

Her store has a workshop for tailoring and fixing clothes. It also has a space for local designers to show their work.

In September, she told Vogue she doesn’t want to be a big fashion designer. She wants to help others become designers. She met many talented people and wants to help them succeed.

Her store also has a café. It serves food from different countries, made by chefs who are refugees.

Her children, especially Pax and Zahara, helped start the store. But she said her family isn’t very fashionable. She has six children with Brad Pitt.

She thinks clothes are important because they show who you are. She wants her family to wear clothes they love and feel good in.

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