Aniston, 52, places a lot of importance on stretching and frequent exercise. Enjoy the actress’ most recent images! (video)

It goes without saying that Jennifer Aniston enjoys posting images from her life online. Recently, she shared a workout video, which has now received over two million likes.

In the video, a lady elevates her leg almost into a split with the assistance of her other hand while standing on one elbow. This remarkable motion needs a strong, muscular corset and proper stretching; fortunately, 52-year-old Jennifer possesses both.


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It’s also important to note how visually appealing the video is; the woman is wearing a loose-fitting sports jersey with turquoise accents. The space is decorated in beige and light gray hues, and the sun’s gorgeously soaring light completes the look!

Numerous positive remarks and praises were directed toward Jennifer.

And how would you evaluate the star’s appearance? Post your thoughts in the comments section!

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