Annabelle the newborn pit bull got so attached to her human daddy, that now thinks she is his daughter too

Annabelle, who is just three weeks old, adores her father to the moon and back.

They are connected in such a way that it is difficult to put into words.

While she was still pregnant, her mother’s care was begun by her family.

The baby was warmly welcomed by Annabelle’s human family because she had visited the shelter just a week before giving birth.

Twelve puppies, including Anabel and Norman, were eventually born.

The foster family initially had no plans to retain any of the children, but they changed their minds after falling in love.

When the others first met Daddy, they fell in love with Norman, and Annabelle turned into a Daddy’s girl.

So they made the decision to provide them both permanent homes by adopting them.

Dad simply adores his “new” little daughter, calling her the most gorgeous blue-eyed kid.

They adore kissing each other and cuddling together.

Annabelle has a particularly close relationship with Norman in addition to her father.

When the dogs grew a bit bigger, they were aware of it.

When Norman had to take Annabelle to the vet for the first time, he was really apprehensive.

Until her sister returned home, he spent the entire time waiting by the window.

When he, at last, arrived home and discovered that everything was well, he was overjoyed.

At first, Annabelle didn’t like talking to people, but when her family took her on a trip and she met lots of new people, everyone was surprised to see how well she was doing.

Because everything is muddy underneath the pool deck and they enjoy it, Annabelle and Norman enjoy playing there the most.

Dad obviously disagrees, though, as no one enjoys bathing dirty pets.

He attempts to barricade the entry, but they constantly manage to get in.

Dad doesn’t get too upset since while kids are playing, they appear to be the happiest.

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