“Anti-aging hairstyle”: Kate Middleton charmed the Internet users, setting the trend for luxurious curls

Stylists are now recommending that celebrities take advantage of their natural beauty and not straighten them with various tools, but leave them with a natural wave or even curly.

We can say that the trend was set by Kate Middleton, who appeared on the red carpet of the music festival in a graceful emerald dress. But it was not the outfit that attracted the attention of professionals, but the duchess’s hairstyle.

Natural curls fell like a waterfall on the woman’s shoulder, creating a beautiful wave. This is a natural hairstyle, even relaxed and casual, but at the same time, such a hairstyle looks expensive and official.

Such a hairstyle can even be considered rejuvenating because natural notes in the image always remove some part of the age. This was also the reason why stylists recommended that many pay attention to this particular trend.

In general, K. Middleton often sets the fashion and does not indulge it. Still, it can be considered an example of the style, as women from all over the world take an example from her, trying to repeat any of her luxurious looks.

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